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Introduction to CSIE

External Environment Trends

During the 21st century post-PC era, the embedded systems, such as Information Appliance (IA), Hand-held Devices (e.g., PDA, Digital Camera, and Hand-Phone), Network TV, Set-Top Box, On-line Web Game Player and Network Phone were progressively put on the markets due to the widespread use of Internet and multi-media development. Also, due to the rapid drop of the profit margin after the post-PC era, it prompts both domestic and foreign vendors aggressively developing the relevant embedded system products, and they subsequently accelerate the demand of the brains on “embedded system design” by the industries. Furthermore, due to the liberation of telecommunication regulations and the implementation of the 6-years old national infrastructure construction plan, the telecommunication networks expedite their paths of going “fiber-optics”, “intelligent” and “mobile”, which causes the information-communication revolution and promotes the advancement of the info-communication network technologies as well as the rise of the new applications, such as Internet phones, video-conferencing, video-on-demand, etc. Consequently, network planning, network performance, network security and management, Internet database, …, etc technologies have become important research topics.

The Midterm and Long Ranges Plans

Embedded system and computer network technologies are the two key technology development mainstreams at present time. The middle and long range plans of the CSIE department accommodate these two mainstreams to continuously expand the faculties in “Embedded Systems Technology and Applications” and “Computer Network Technology and Applications” related curriculum, laboratories, and equipments, and also plan to set up cross-department curriculums which are closely related to these two mainstreams, such as “Multi-media and Network Communications Technology Applications” and “Intelligent Life Technology and Applications” curriculums to strengthen the teaching results. Furthermore, in order to strengthen the collaboration between the university and the industry, we also formed “Intelligent Life Technology Research Center”.